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Keralashopy is a website dedicated to providing all products especially fresh Idukki spices and Munnar tea products throughout India. Our only motto is to provide the best Idukki spices at a minimum available price without compromising the quality of the products. We collect all spices directly from the farmers of Idukki. We collect most of our tea products from Munnar which is known as the “Kashmir of South India” which is famous for its best tea plantations.


Spices produced in Idukki :-

Idukki is known as the spice capital of Kerala. It is so-called because for centuries Idukki is providing some of the finest spices available in the World. And we collect spices only if its passed all our test. Most of the spices we collect are organic. We have a special team which is dedicated to testing the quality of spices before it is packed and send to our customers. So you can trust in the quality of the spices and other products in Keralashopy. We are also providing spices Wholesale. So if you are looking for the best spices wholesale for your business just contact us.

Munnar Tea Products :-

For years Keralashopy is collecting most of our tea products from Munnar. Munnar produces some of the finest tea products which are available in Kerala. And we make sure that our customers are getting only the finest quality tea powers. The tea products are directly collected from the farmers of Kerala and directly deliver to our customers. We now are providing Wholesale services. We will provide tea powder starting at a minimum of 5kg and more. So if you are looking for the finest quality tea powder for your business just contact us.

Other Kerala Products:

Some of the other products that we provide are Kerala Ayurvedic products, Kerala Homemade Snacks, Kerala Homemade fresh pickles, and all other Kerala products. All the products we sell are of high quality and well packed. So if you are not able to find the Kerala products that you are looking for just contact us.


We are able to provide our products with the highest quality products at a minimum price because we purchase spices directly from farmers of Idukki and deliver them to our customers. So most of our products are available at a low price than most other sites. But when we say low price don’t mistake us that the quality is poor. Because our main priority is quality. We collect spices if it’s of the highest quality. So our customers can take benefit from us.

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Phone No: +91 98466 20142 | Email Id: keralashopy01@gmail.com

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